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Apr 16,  · Nokia 1 is the most affordable Android smartphone from HMD Global, and runs on the Android Oreo Go platform. Read our review of the Nokia 1 for more.3/5. Sep 19,  · But Sony is also responding to Nokia's propensity for name-dropping (ZEISS lenses) by using its own sensor brand and lens design, plus a BIONZ image processor. Reviews: Oct 22,  · Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One Max vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs Nokia Lumia от - Duration: , views.

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Vivo is one of India's biggest and most visible smartphone brands, with a massive offline presence across the country.

The company is targeting millennial and Gen Z buyers who want good-looking phones with all the latest capabilities, and the Vivo Z1 Pro specifically promises great cameras, battery life, and processing power for games. It definitely looks as though Vivo studied all the current market trends when designing the Z1 Pro, and on paper at least, nokia z1 review, it's definitely trying to give XiaomiRealmeand Samsung a run for their money, nokia z1 review.

We've got the brand new Vivo Z1 Pro in for review, and we're going to see if the features and specifications it boasts of will be enough to earn it a spot on our next list of recommended phones in the sub-Rs. The first thing you'll notice about the front of the Vivo Z1 Pro is its oversized screen with a hole in the upper left corner for the front camera. This seems to be the next big trend after screen notches of various sizes, nokia z1 review, and Vivo is right on the ball, nokia z1 review.

The camera hole isn't too big and it isn't really distracting in everyday use. Vivo shipped us our Z1 Pro review unit with a screen protector attached, and unfortunately this serves to highlight the camera hole with an extra ring around it. The plastic film also picked up a couple of nasty scuffs with ordinary use, nokia z1 review. As expected for a sub-Rs 20, phone these days, the Vivo Z1 Pro features an eye-catching glossy plastic rear panel with a multi-coloured gradient finish.

Our review unit was the Sonic Blue version, which is emerald green at the top fading into cobalt blue at the bottom, nokia z1 review. The colours are rich and saturated, nokia z1 review, giving this nokia z1 review a sort of jewel-tone appearance.

It also catches the light as you tilt this phone around, nokia z1 review. The effect is anything but subtle — the Vivo Z1 Pro is definitely designed to be eye-catching nokia z1 review the front as well as the rear. The gradient carries over to the frame of this phone, and because it bulges outwards a little, you can see the bright colours around the screen when you're using the Vivo Z1 Pro.

Some might like this, but we think it detracts from the borderless screen look that the company nokia z1 review going for. There's also a more subtle Sonic Black option. The gradient finish on the back of the Vivo Z1 Pro carries over to its frame. The triple-camera module on the rear sticks out nokia z1 review a little bit and extends to include the flash. There's also a standard fingerprint sensor on the back of the Vivo Z1 Pro, positioned just slightly out of reach for us.

The power and volume buttons are on the right, and there's a physical Google Assistant button on the left, just below the SIM and microSD card tray.

The Google Assistant button can't be reassigned to other functions. We're increasingly disappointed to see Vivo continue to stick with Micro-USB ports on its modern phones, including this one. There's also a 3. The Vivo Z1 Pro bears a nokia z1 review to the Vivo Y17 Reviewwhich we reviewed a little while ago, with similar dimensions and styling, nokia z1 review. The Z1 Pro is actually heavier at g but a hair thinner at 8.

In the retail box, you get a flexible plastic case, nokia z1 review, a pretty bulky 18W charger, a Nokia z1 review cable, 3. The Vivo Z1 Pro features three rear cameras.

The big news with the Vivo Z1 Pro is that this is the first phone in India based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This chip was announced earlier this year as an improvement over the Snapdragonand is built on a 10nm process.

It features six 1. Vivo is boasting of up to 10 percent better performance than the Snapdragon and 25 percent better performance than the Snapdragon The company is clearly targeting buyers who enjoy digging deep into specifications to make informed purchase decisions.

The screen measures 6. You get all the usual sensors plus a gyroscope and e-compass. A lot of things are changed around, nokia z1 review, compared to stock Android, and not all of them for the better.

You can read about it in great detail in our recent review of the Vivo Y17since the experience is pretty much identical on both phones, down to the old-fashioned Android UI navigation buttons and the large number of preinstalled apps. We aren't fans of the iOS-like Shortcut Center with all the quick settings toggles that you have to pull upwards from the bottom of the screen, or the highly modified Settings app that has even commonly used settings in unusual places.

There's also an esports mode that can kill all background apps, block notifications, and disable temperature throttling to maximise performance. According to Vivo, more features including voice chat filters are to be added in future updates, nokia z1 review.

The great thing about competition driving prices down is that today's budget smartphones have more than enough power for everyday usage situations.

We never felt any slowdowns or hesitation when using the Vivo Z1 Pro. Despite its heavy modifications, Funtouch OS did not seem to be causing any performance issues at all, nokia z1 review.

The Vivo Z1 Pro's display is very sharp and legible in all conditions. Viewing angles are great, but we think that some people will find that colours aren't as vivid as they are on competing phones with AMOLED panels. You can adjust the colour temperature and there's a system-wide dark mode, though not all third-party apps can recognise this and adapt. The status bar at the top of the screen is thick enough to enclose the front camera nokia z1 review when using the Funtouch OS UI and in most apps that don't go full-screen.

We did find it a little distracting when watching videos on the Vivo Z1 Pro. The single speaker on the bottom of this phone is quite loud, but sound tends to distort at high volume.

The bundled headset looks like Apple's Earpods but the sound is only just about okay for calls. Music sounded hollow and lifeless through it. The Snapdragon processor gives the Vivo Z1 Pro slight edge on paper and will appeal to those looking for the latest and greatest at this price, but it's hard to tell how much of a difference it makes with everyday use.

Our benchmarks, on the other hand, can nokia z1 review establish that. This is good news for those who hang on to their phones for a few years before upgrading, and definitely gives Vivo some bragging rights. The camera dot didn't interfere with full-screen gaming, as it was nearly always nokia z1 review by our thumb anyway.

It does create a dead zone, and software developers are going to have to work such things into their UIs as this feature becomes more common on phones. The phone got only slightly warm, nokia z1 review. Battery life was also very good. We were able to use the Z1 Pro for over a day and a half, and that involved quite a bit of 4G data use, streaming some video, taking lots of photos, and playing games for about an hour.

The Vivo Z1 Pro ran our HD video loop test for 18 hours, 32 minutes before finally shutting down automatically. The 18W charger included with the Vivo Z1 Pro is very quick, and we were surprised to see Vivo's Dual Engine Fast Charging kicking in when nokia z1 review third-party chargers as well.

However, this phone does get quite warm when charging quickly. Vivo's camera app UI takes a little getting used to. The button to switch between the primary and wide-angle cameras is small and easy to miss, nokia z1 review.

There's also another toggle to enable depth effects rather than having a separate Portrait mode. We found ourselves having to check both these toggles before taking a shot to avoid using the wrong mode without realising it, nokia z1 review. In the video mode, the slow-mo and time lapse options are hidden in a menu nokia z1 review a completely different place.

We were fairly impressed with the photos that the Vivo Z1 Pro took. Colours popped nicely and there was a lot of detail in the focus areas of our sample shots. The camera was snappy, even with HDR kicking in automatically.

Natural and artificial textures looked great in most cases. Wide-angle shots taken with the secondary rear camera were much less crisp and looked over-processed. There was also slight warping at the edges of the frame, nokia z1 review. Enabling the depth effect, we were able to take some nice shots with smooth background blurring, though edge detection wasn't perfect all the time. You can adjust the level of blur after taking a shot, in Vivo's own Albums app.

Tap to see full-sized Vivo Z1 Pro camera samples. Night-time performance was also good. Noise was under control and colours weren't lost, although detail was a little murky on objects at a distance. There was some blur with moving objects, as expected.

Video is unfortunately recorded at x by default, and at that resolution it is a little grainy, though at least it's still bright. You can shoot at up to 4K 30fps nokia z1 review the Vivo Z1 Pro. Vivo doesn't say anything about video stabilisation on nokia z1 review phone's spec sheet, and we found that videos recorded while walking were extremely shaky. You can't switch between the standard and wide-angle lenses while shooting a video. The front camera takes decent shots, which will be more than enough for people looking to share selfies on social media.

There's no depth effect or portrait mode but you can apply lighting effects, which are somewhat like subtle filters. There's a Micro-USB port and a 3. Verdict Overall, Vivo seems to have done a very good job with the Z1 Pro, nokia z1 review. When we reviewed the Vivo Y17 not too long ago, we said it was outclassed in its price band.

The Vivo Z1 Pro fixes its shortcomings at nokia z1 review the same price level. This phone has nearly every current-day feature and selling point that we can expect nokia z1 review a phone priced below Rs. Vivo has managed to deliver competitive specifications, and we really don't think there's anything major missing that any other company offers right now.

Some people might not be fans of Funtouch OS, and we do think that there's scope for improvement there. However, this phone scores very well in terms of performance and battery life, and offers a big display with a modern-looking punch-hole camera as well. We discussed this on Orbitalour weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts or RSSdownload the episodeor just hit the play button below.

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Apr 16,  · Nokia 1 is the most affordable Android smartphone from HMD Global, and runs on the Android Oreo Go platform. Read our review of the Nokia 1 for more.3/5. Sep 19,  · But Sony is also responding to Nokia's propensity for name-dropping (ZEISS lenses) by using its own sensor brand and lens design, plus a BIONZ image processor. Reviews: Oct 22,  · Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One Max vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs Nokia Lumia от - Duration: , views.