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htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5

In , we pitted the Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X; in , the Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One M7; and this year, if you want the best Android phone, you have to choose between the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 Author: Jeffrey Van Camp. Apr 08,  · Phones Leer en español HTC One M8 specs versus Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S. The new HTC One rustles up an impressive list of hardware features and a slick new software Jessica Dolcourt. Sep 30,  · iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 vs M8: Consistency. In order to keep these tests consistent across the board, I let all the software behind them do the work whenever possible. That means using only the vendor-provided, default camera app for each phone. If I had to tap to focus, like for macro shots, I tapped in the same area on each meniiscus.gas:

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Previous Next 1 of 9 A lot of Android phones come out every year. Inwe pitted the Galaxy S3 vs. So which phone should you buy? Neither Samsung nor HTC have skimped on specs this time around. The GS5 has the edge with a 2.

They both have 2GB of RAM, almost the same size battery, and performed almost equal in benchmark testing. Both of these scores are fantastic and both handsets will run any games or apps Android has to offer with ease. Both of these devices have beautiful 1, x 1, pixel screens.

This is because on an AMOLED screen, when you see black, that pixel is actually turned off, meaning its as black as it can get. Everyone who has seen our GS5 has complimented its screen. Samsung is notorious for emphasizing the camera capabilities of its smartphones, and rightly so. On the opposite end, htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5, the One M8 includes dual cameras: The primary camera offers a backside-illuminated sensor for capturing photos in low-light scenarios, while the second is specifically built to capture accurate depth information.

Both smartphones also offer facial recognition, filters, and tools for splicing audio and video directly on the device. HTC has embraced the selfie with a 5-megapixel front camera.

Honestly, with the number of selfies we all seem to take, this is a big advantage for HTC. Overall, we think the Galaxy S5 does a noticeably better job balancing color and light in its standard automatic mode. The Galaxy S5 performs better in low light than many of its competitors. When it comes to front cameras though, HTC is up there with the best.

Samsung never deviates much from its typical, htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5, plastic design. The Galaxy S5 is nearly identical to the S4, albeit with a slightly larger display, and a water-resistant treatment allowing the device to survive submersion in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The One M8 has such a finely brushed aluminum body that it feels soft to the touch. Where Samsung takes the lead is comfort.

Thanks to its button placement and design, the Galaxy S5 is more comfortable to hold. The One M8 is so beautiful and slick that it is actually prone to sliding out of your hand.

So, from a practical perspective, we liked using the GS5 more, but damn that M8 looks nice. The One M8 gets louder than the Galaxy S5 and the sound aims directly at you, htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5, not away from you. This is a very clear difference between the two phones. The audio jack on the Galaxy S5 is up top, like in the olden days.

This is fine, but not ideal. Htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5 big difference between the two is the feel. The One M8 ends up feeling more businessy than the Galaxy S5. We like them both. Feature-wise, they pretty much line up, too. Both of these companies have been copying each other for a while; the M8 and GS5 are so similar that they both have built-in newsfeed applications.

HTC uses its own, called Blinkfeed, and is now integrating notifications into it, while Samsung has home brewed a version of Flipboard for your enjoyment. Sometimes, onscreen buttons are nicer, but the Galaxy S5 is a little more comfortable to navigate.

Note about operating system updates: If you really want updates consistently, you need to get a Nexus 5. Thanks to their Snapdragon processors and slightly larger batteries, both the One M8 and Galaxy S5 get about 40 percent better battery life than the One and Galaxy S4.

Both phones will get you through a full day, even with heavy use. This mode turns off color and all but the apps you specify to maximize battery life. It let us squeeze almost 24 hours of life out of a nearly dead battery. HTC claims that it has a similar battery saving mode coming, but not all units including ours have gotten the software update with it. Who knows when the update will come to your carrier.

Have you ever stayed away from the edge of a pool because you were worried your phone might take a dive? We have. Phones are expensive and when a few drops of water can take them out, we end up living in fear of H2O.

The Galaxy S5 is IP67 rated, which means its completely waterproof in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. It can htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5 dirt and sand, too. So you might be safe taking it out in a light drizzle. Every expensive phone has some fun special powers these days. Htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5 are some ways these two phones really stand out.

This camera app is baller. You can double tap on the screen to wake up the One from sleep and if you slide your finger from different directions, it can autolaunch apps like voice search or Blinkfeed.

Galaxy S5 has a heart-rate monitor and fingerprint sensor: The Galaxy S5 has its usual advantage of a removable battery, but it has included some other fun extras.

The GS5 is the first Android phone we know of to incorporate a heart-rate monitor. Like the iPhone 5S, the GS5 also has a fingerprint sensor, which is used to unlock the phone and make PayPal payments. Sorry HTC fans. For the third year running we have to declare Samsung the winner. The Galaxy S5 has game-changing water resistance, a beautiful screen, is more comfortable to hold, and has some neat hardware features like a heart-rate monitor, among other things.

The HTC One M8 is absolutely a fantastic phone with great sound, and outclasses the Galaxy S5 when it comes to design, but it puts design ahead of functional benefits. HTC One M8. Previous Next. How to offload apps on your iPhone 1 day ago. Moto Z3 review.

The best cheap phones for 1 day ago. IFA Complete Coverage 23 hours ago. Is an iPhone 11 Pro coming? Watch this guy catch a dropped iPhone during a roller-coaster ride 14 hours ago, htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5. Show More. Galaxy S5.


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htc m8 vs iphone 5s vs galaxy s5


Oct 01,  · iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One (M8) Speed Test PhoneBuff. Loading Unsubscribe from PhoneBuff? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1M. . Sep 09,  · Phones Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. Check out how the specs from Apple's latest iPhone 6 compares to those of its Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 Author: Lynn La. In , we pitted the Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X; in , the Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One M7; and this year, if you want the best Android phone, you have to choose between the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 Author: Jeffrey Van Camp.