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Jun 16,  · Featuring advanced photo technology that can capture, edit, and share epic moments better than ever before, the 4G LTE-enabled Nokia Lumia from Verizon Wireless enables you to snap bright, blur-free photos and videos -- even in low light conditions such as indoors or at night/5(). Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy or /5(2). Find a great collection of Cell Phones at Costco. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Cell Phones products.

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This review is the subjective opinion of the user and not of Wirefly. Posted on: September 3rd, by pegperson. The is packing a 1. The camera in the Costco nokia 928 is good in low and bright light and is very easy to navigate.

The Nokia Lumia is a Windows 8 phone made for Verizon Wireless that is known for both its looks and for its high picture-taking quality. There is more to this phone than its appearance and its high-quality low-lighting pictures, and several other features are worth mentioning as well. Outward appearance is the first thing that most people notice, however, and the Nokia Lumia draws the eye for a variety of both good and bad reasons.

The Lumia is an upgrade from the Lumiaalthough it shares many of the same features with that phone. This costco nokia 928 is costco nokia 928 overall than the Lumiaalthough some users may still find this 5. Its size is 5. The squared-off edges of the phone and less-rounded corners make the costco nokia 928 able to stand up vertically on a level surface without support, and the slight bulging of the back of the phone makes the phone easier to hold and use.

This phone only comes in black and white, which may disappoint some users who are used to the variety of colors available for the Lumia The main criticism in terms of color is not that the options available are bad, costco nokia 928, but that they—especially costco nokia 928 combined with the overall design of the Lumia and compared to the other more stylish color options out there—are boring. The Verizon logo on the front of the phone is also unattractive, costco nokia 928, but there are worse flaws that a phone could have.

Looks are not everything, and in terms of performance, the Lumia often delivers. Colors appear vivid and vibrant—especially the blacks. This display screen has sunlight readability enhancements that do away with the screen glare that many other phones may be afflicted with when used outdoors on a bright day.

The right edge of the Lumia has the same button configuration as other Nokia Windows phones. A volume rocker button sits at the top; this can be difficult to hit in mid-call due to its location and is similar enough to the power button directly below it for the two to be mistaken if the user is going by feel alone, costco nokia 928.

A two-stage camera button finishes off the array of buttons on the right side. The top of the Lumia features a center-mounted Micro USB port with a noise cancellation mic located to one side of the port and a SIM tray on the other; the 3. Although modern phones have become more like mini-computers, they still need to function as telephones. The sound quality offered by the Lumia is a mixed bag, and some features are better than others.

The headphone jack produces high audio quality and the noise cancellation feature works well even in loud conditions. Both the earpiece costco nokia 928 the loudspeaker have high volume, but the loudness cannot make up for costco nokia 928 lack of bass and the presence of sound-blurring.

It has Other app options are Nokia Music, which allows the user to buy music or listen to free pre-made playlists, and Data Sense, a Verizon-exclusive data monitoring app. Basic usage results in approximately 27 hours per charge of the mAh battery, while other activities like music-streaming and certain types of communication can run the battery down in 4 or 5 hours.

The Lumia can also be charged wirelessly, which allows users to charge it frequently during periods of inaction if they have purchased a wireless charging pad. While the Lumia has some flaws, the PureView-branded 8. This camera is especially suitable for low-light shots--especially action shots taken at costco nokia 928. The Xenon flash is great for these late-night action shots, but using the flash at other times can cause white imbalances.

Since the Lumia is already known for its high-quality low-light shots, adding the Xenon to the Lumia does not enhance low-light pictures all that much. Taking video shots at night is not difficult as the Lumia does come with a built-in white LED for illumination during low-light filming. The video camera records at p at 30 fps, making for smooth captures. The Lumia also has a front-facing 1. The Panorama feature can take multiple pictures and put them together for instant sharing on facebook and Twitter, and the Cinemagraph feature takes still images and blends them with movie-like animation.

The Nokia Lumia Bluetooth Windows 8 phone is a solid option for the price, especially if a user needs a camera phone that can take great night pictures. However, if a user values picture quality, display screen vibrancy, overall performance, and relatively high battery life over outward appearance and sound quality, this may be the costco nokia 928 for him or her.

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The Nokia is a nice phone, but initially I had problems woith it and had to exchange it for a different phone two times before the problems were resolved. The Windows Phone 8 operating system is nice, clean and easy to use, but I am very upset that Verizon has not updated the OS even after 6 mon Was this review helpful? 3/5. May 14,  · The Lumia at the $99 price is really competitive, and I'm sure Nokia made sure it was at this price to compete against all the Androids on Verizon. Personally, if it was $, I would be thinking of waiting for other sellers to being down the price, but this way I can just get it from Verizon. I. Jun 16,  · Featuring advanced photo technology that can capture, edit, and share epic moments better than ever before, the 4G LTE-enabled Nokia Lumia from Verizon Wireless enables you to snap bright, blur-free photos and videos -- even in low light conditions such as indoors or at night/5().